Friday, November 4, 2011

Pulley family

Meet the Pulley Family

As a teen and college student I was the babysitter for Carrie's older sister, Cammie's children.  It was fun to see Carrie with her sweet children during this photo shoot. 

 There is always something special about a mother daughter bond.

I love how his sweet little hand gently touched his daddy's face. 

Bailey is in the first grade this year. She informed me her favorite subject is "recess". 

 I am venturing into props and I think they really made these portraits come together.  The hat, wooden container and holly hobbit dolls all come from the treasures I found in my mom's attic :) 

This basket and old teddy bear (that was mine) also came from my treasure hunt in my mother's attics.  Look at this smile!

 The lighting was perfect to give these portraits a vintage look I was going for. 

sweet curls and smile

I wanted Carrie to be able to remember all of these beautiful baby curls.  I was able to capture this when he turned around in the chair. Perfect!

 I tried to capture real emotion in my portraits.  This was taken after discussing knock knock jokes. :)

 The backlighting coming from the trees was gorgeous!

I love the fall colors in this shot. 

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