Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chloe and Jacob

 My niece Chloe Grace recently turned 6. Sadly her Hannah Montana party was postponed due to her becoming sick.  We took her 6 year old pictures while she was in SC over Thanksgiving. This sweet girl really knows how to rock out!
 This is one of her favorite outfits she informed me. I love the greenery in these pictures. 

 Check out this amazing old video camera I found in my parents attic!  After several shots I got several that were fun and natural. This is always what I wait for. 

 The red and pink hats are from OMG vintage clothing store. They looked great with her tiger print jacket!
 Happy Birthday Chloe.
 Jacob, my nephew, decided he wanted a few pictures taken as well. I was a freshman in college when he was born.  Man time flies by. 

We also took a few family shots for their Christmas Card. Here is my personal favorite.

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