Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heidi and Paul are Engaged

I met up with Paul and Heidi at the Rock Quarry Garden located downtown Greenville.  These two live in Tennessee where Paul is a physical therapist and Heidi is learning to be a  Gemologist.  The weather turned out beautifully for their photo shoot.  I was nervous that we would be rained out and watched weather.com ALL day.  Luck for us, the rain clouds blew over just in time!  Heidi informed me she wanted Traditional Photos but Paul added that he did not want them to be "cheesy".  Turns out Paul has an artistic eye himself and enjoyed taking ownership of their photo shot which lead to many Great shots!  These two made my job easy.  Check out some of my favorites from the night below.  I cannot wait for Heidi's bridal portraits soon!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

McKenzie Turns 2

McKenzie is my niece.  She turned 2 this summer and I was thrilled when my sister in law asked me to take her portraits this year.  Last year I surprise Rachel with 1 year old portraits of McKenzie.  We headed out to the Children's Garden, one of my favorite spots.  McKenzie is an active child so I enjoyed running around the garden capturing her sweet personality.  We were lucky that the rain held off and it only sprinkled at the beginning.  Her portraits turned out just beautiful!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Libby and Jay's Wedding

I had the honor of assisting Josh Jones of J.Jones Photography recently for Libby and Jay's Wedding. The ceremony took place downtown at Christ Episcopal Church and was followed by a reception at the Poinsett Club. While assisting, Josh also asked me to take a few shots of him working as well. When I was not helping out with lighting or taking pictures of Josh I was able to grab some shots of the wedding events.

The chapel where the ceremony was originally planned to be held. However, the A/C broke and the service was moved last minute to the main sanctuary. 

Her Couture Dress 

I loved her hairpiece!

Enjoying a moment with her father and bridesmaids. 

The church has strict rules regarding photography; we were required to stay in the balcony.  There was an official from the church that monitored us up there was well.  

There was some nice lighting coming in from the stained glass window. 

So cute!

Instead of  a traditional registry, they had an art book for people to sign and leave messages.d

About midway through the reception, the party really changed and people began dancing!

Libby took over the stage with some friends. 

Gorgeous centerpieces. 

Below are pics I took of Josh: 

As photographers, we are often doing whatever necessary to get that perfect shot. 

I love that you can see his monitor of their silhouettes here. 

                             Thanks to Josh for letting me assist him and congrats to Libby and Jay!