Friday, July 22, 2011

Ava and Charlie

I love having the opportunity to watch children grow and change.  I have been taking portraits for Ava and Charlie since Ava was around 3 months old.  She just turned 1 years old recently!  We headed out to the Children's Garden this morning.  Though Charlie wanted to play in the dirt I snuck him away a few times for some cute shots.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bebe David

Meet David.  he is the newest member of the Johnson Family, some dear friends of ours.  I went to visit Jeanne and Gregg yesterday to meet David and see big brother Joseph. 
 While at Erskine, I learned to crochet several years ago.  I decided to pick it back up to make photo props.  This Newsboy hat and diaper cover worked great for baby David. 
 David was nice and cozy. 
 We took these pictures in his nursery.  I loved the green walls!

 David is only 1 week old.
 I also made this cocoon.  His dad called it the cozy, knit womb :) 
 The colors in this handmade quilt were gorgeous. 
 I incorporated this picture in his room as Jeanne speaks French to the boys. 
Congrats Johnson Family!