Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Groover Clan

Welcome to the Groover Clan Blogpost.  With this post I am also introducing three new words that I will are beginning to define my newly found style.  I feel as though the journey over the past two years has lead me to try many different things and I have finally found my least for now! So here it is and I hope you enjoy.

Mixing old and new has become a new passion of mine and I am excited that I have found an antique store and clothing store who are willing to help me out with this!  If you are in the Wade Hampton Area drop by OMG (Oh My Goodness) Vintage Store.  The owner and her daughter have been just amazing in helping me put clothing together. Side note, she can look at anything and tell you what era it is from. 


I absolutely adore this picture.  It encompasses who the Groovers are, at least a snippet of them. They are all reading their favorite books. Great idea Annie! 

There is something about Sophie and her free spirit that I just love.  Even at the age of 3 she has this model look down pat!  There is no posing this child as she loves to play.  This leads me to my final word:

So there it is: I am officially defining my portraiture: 
Seek Joy Photography 
Artistic Portraiture by Katie S. Preuss 

I would love your feedback!

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  1. great photos and you captured this beautiful family so well....Love me some Groover Girls! Natural beauties, all.