Monday, May 23, 2011

Groover Gals

I met up with Annie and the girls at their neighborhood park.  

 Ruby is 18 mths old now!

I love her chubby feet and legs. She wont be a baby much longer. 

Sophie is 3 now.

Bella just turned 8.

Claire as her mom said is a "tween"

Claire and her mom look a lot alike. 

Claire was really cooperative and fun to work with.

Sophie was perched on this stump and it make a great spot for her pictures. 

Such a sweet face.

Bella received these ear rings and necklace for her birthday.

Bella felt more relaxed sitting as opposed to standing for her pics.

Getting 4 children to look at a camera is not an easy feat.

I LOVED this limb arching over the creek. 

A patch of grass and clover always makes for a fun background. 

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