Monday, May 9, 2011

Cinco de Mayo a la escuela de Grove Elementary

Last Thursday night, I rushed from the clinic in Simpsonville to Grove for Noche Latina (Latin Night).  Grove's student population is about 1/3 Hispanic and their families origins are from many countries in Latin America as well as Mexico.  A local restaurant catered the dinner.  I was lucky to have a Pollo fundido after the event was over before heading home.  So I vaguely remember Ana asking me if I was planning to bring my camera. I guess that did not translate into "Katie, bring your camera."  Upon arrival I found a disappointed Ana when I told her I did not have my camera.  I could not stand the look in her eyes as she worked very hard to pull off the first Cinco de Mayo night so I rushed home, weaved through traffic, and came back.  Though the event had started I did not miss much. (wipe brow)
The Ballet Folklorico Internacional performed first: 

Up next were los estudiantes de 3rd y 5th grado (aka Grove School Dancers) Ana worked with these kids for weeks teaching them these moves! They may not have had the traditional dress but they had great moves!

They were followed by las ninas en la clase de Mrs. Cerny.  I think Ana's mother made these skirts as well. 

 These little girls learned how to shake their hips :) 

Finally, the finale: Mrs. Ana surprised us all with a dance not printed in the program.  She even asked an audience member to join her as her partner.  He did wonderfully! 

I love his facial expressions here!

In Ballroom Dance, Dr. Lowry once said to the guys, "The Lady is the flower and you are the frame--always make her look good"  This guy knew exactly what Dr. Lowry meant!  I love all the onlookers in the corner. 

The Social Studies committee did a lot of work to make this event happen.
Many of the families came together to create the decorations for the event to show their different heritages. 

This family even came in traditional dresses.  Here is a picture of the children with Mrs. Ana. 

I look forward to many more years of Latin Festivals at Grove!!!

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