Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clemson Triathlon

This morning Phill and his friend Josh H. competed in a sprint triathlon out at Clemson.  This was Phill's first race that involved swimming and bike riding.  He beat his initial estimated finish time which was fantastic!

This is Seraphine, Josh and Courtney's baby.  
Time chips were on their ankles 

Ready for the race to begin. Notice their numbers are written on them for the swim.  If you look to the left behind them you can see Death Valley stadium :) 

Phill and Josh signed up to start with the first group.  Here they are in the water while the National Anthem is sung.  They are to the far left.

This was the second group about to start.  Notice the stadium and part of CU in the background.  Cool Shot I thought.

Here is Phill coming back in after his swim.  They swam in Lake Hartwell. 

 Running out of the water.

It was hard to keep up with both of them as they got separated.   I was able to catch Josh starting the bike  race.

I missed Phill starting the bike race; he apparently went right by me. OOPS!  I did make sure to capture him finishing this part though. 


Phill's little brother Andrew, giving a pep talk while Phill transitions. 

Phill coming towards the finish line.  

I was so proud of him!

This was just too cute.  This dad's daughter joined him as he crossed the finish line.

Josh coming towards the finish line. 

Crossing the finish line.  Way to go Josh!

Seraphine was proud of her daddy (so proud she wore herself out ;0) )


  1. Hi Katie - Would it be OK for me to post your picture with the little girl and her dad crossing the finish line to my blog at with a link back to your site?

    Thanks for considering it!


  2. MM=Just saw your comment, yes you may as long as you do not edit the picture in any way and post a link back; thanks for asking and enjoy!!!