Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Heidi and Paul Sneak Peak

This past Friday I had the honor of joining Heidi and Paul at their wedding at Larkins by the River.  The ceremony was held in the beautiful pavilion with exposed brick and open air features.  The food was wonderful, but I would expect nothing less from Larkins as this is where Corley (Phill's employment) has their Christmas Party and I have had the pleasure of dining with Larkins before.  I always love meeting new people and was delighted when one of their wedding guests sent me an email entitled More Seek Joy thoughts.  In her email she shared with me about one of her beloved children book author's Tasha Tudor.  In her email she wrote: "One of Tasha's guiding thoughts in life was originally penned by Fra Giovanni in 1531 in "Letter to a Friend": "The gloom of the world is but a shadow. Behind it, yet within our reach, is joy. Take joy!" 
With this thought in mind I give you a sneak peak from their wedding: 

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