Friday, January 6, 2012


Christmas Eve while Phill as preparing his famous lasagna for dinner, I took McKenzie outside for a mini shoot. This was not planned and more or less just for fun. She is a spirited child and enjoys exploring the outdoors, running around, and playing in the dirt.  With preschoolers, it is much harder to do any type of posed photography. Instead, I often let them lead and let me enter inter their world of play-I find real magic happens here anyways.  

 I love the side lean pose-though this was completely natural.

 She informed me she was digging for bones. 
 McKenzie likes to call herself Boots and her grandmother Dora. 

I love that she reached out and grabbed her toes here. I don't think a child always has to look at the camera for you to get a great shot.  There are many in this impromptu shoot that demonstrate this well.
Thanks Sweet Girl!

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