Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jacobs Family

Tara works at Grove Elementary where I am also a mental health counselor. She has a wonderful family.

                                                   From Left is Hannah, Tara, Scott, and Trey
                               It was a bit chilly this afternoon; everyone was cute all bundled up.

                                        I love the small waterfalls behind them at Reedy Falls Park
                                         Trey is 3 and was interested in everything around him.

                                               Some of his facial expressions were priceless...

                                                           Hannah is still a toddler.

                                                     She is a little more shy than her older brother.

                                                    Tara and Scott are quite photogenic.

                          There were some people playing drums near by. Hannah decided to dance.

                                                                            Fun on the swing!
                                                 I love this little bridge that is tucked away in the park.

                                             I had a wonderful time with this sweet family!


  1. I LOVE THEM!! Thank you so much!!

  2. Great job, Katie! I'm amazed that you had this many decent shots to work with, considering all of the choas, squirming, etc. lol. Thanks again!

  3. haha your sweet family did great! Ill have all of them to you by friday!